About Nicole

I’m Nicole Panek, a Buffalo, NY native, coffee enthusiast, and cat mom to Roger, the most magical cat in the universe. I always thought the sunny days of making French press coffee, snuggling with my cat, and journaling were just happy moments to intersperse in an otherwise regular life of day jobs, bills, and other pre-scripted things. But then, I realized something. In my most blissful moments, my higher self was actually calling to me, showing me what I’m really meant for: something more.

When I started listening to myself, everything changed. I realized that I have a choice in each moment, that I can take embodied action to live a life I am proud of, and that I am meant to empower others to live the lives they’ve always dreamed of – to not only help them grow, but to glow.

I’ve documented my healing journey in the blog, Glow into your Hier Self. Follow along, or join the community of other women doing this work here!

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